Thursday, January 2, 2020

Verizon Phone Bill Review

Tonight I spent time reviewing my Verizon Wireless bills at looking at the costs over the past nine months. One thing I noticed was that my phone protection cost jumped up a couple dollars randomly a few months ago. I didn't ask for this increase, so I don't know if it's just the overall cost going up, or it went up because my phone is older, therefore increasing the chances of using the phone protection plan (broken screen/battery replacements, etc).

I only have two more payments where I will be paying for my phone -

I should at least see my bill decrease by $35.41/month once the phone is paid off, and I will probably get rid of the phone protection, which will be another $15/month. My rationale for getting rid of the phone protection is because if my phone breaks, I will just buy a new one.

When I say I'll buy a new phone, I'm not going to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB for $1,450 or $60.41/month (according to Verizon's website). I will probably buy the Google Pixel 3a for $400, since I've enjoyed my Pixel 2, and $400 is reasonable for me versus $1,450.

I've always had good service with Verizon, I just don't think I should be paying ~$125/month for just me. I might also look into prepaid plans or switching to Google Fi. I'll provide more updates soon!



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