Monday, January 6, 2020

Missions for Week Ending Jan 11th, 2020

Here are some Missions I'm going to work on this week -

  • Minimalism
    • Get all my paper documents in one place, and have them all in folders (not organized yet, just in one place)
  • Investing
    • Make an extra payment on my student loans. 
  • Technology
    • Double check my online accounts to see if I need to add or update 2 factor authentication. 
    • Here's a link to Authy's website (Authy is a 2FA service), as an example -
  • Conservation
    • Research companies that use renewable energy.
  • Health
    • Lose 2 pounds.
Hope you have a good start to the first full week of 2020! Hopefully global issues calm down a little bit. 



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