Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December 1st, 2020 Dividends

Today I received nine dividends for a total of $5.97. I'm happy if I receive one dividend payment on a weekday, so getting nine in one day is great! 

Here is a breakdown of those dividends - 

Ticker# of SharesAverage Share Cost$ ReceivedAnnualized DivAverage Total CostDiv Yield

I have a couple of stocks with yields over 5% and one below 1%. I'm not too worried about Visa, V, being below 1% dividend yield. 

The next few days are not as exciting as today, but I'm projecting to receive $30+ in dividends in December. 



Monday, November 30, 2020

December Stocks I Might Buy

 Below are some stocks that I'm looking at purchasing to get the companies' upcoming dividends. 

I had to do a double take for the Costco dividend since it was listed at $10.00. When I looked it up, it is a special dividend that Costco is paying. Fastenal's $0.40 dividend is also a special dividend. 

If you want to receive the dividend from this companies, you have to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date. So today, Monday 11/30/2020, was the last day to buy Costco or Fastenal to get those dividends. 

TickerCompanyEx-Div DateDiv $
COSTCostco Wholesale Corporation12/1/2020$10.00
FASTFastenal Company12/1/2020$0.40
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated12/2/2020$0.65
HDHome Depot, Inc. (The)12/2/2020$1.50
DDominion Energy, Inc.12/3/2020$0.63
GPCGenuine Parts Company12/3/2020$0.79
WMWaste Management, Inc.12/3/2020$0.55
HPQHP Inc.12/8/2020$0.19
VFCV.F. Corporation12/9/2020$0.49
PPLPPL Corporation12/9/2020$0.42
WMTWalmart Inc.12/10/2020$0.54
FDXFedEx Corporation12/11/2020$0.65
BBYBest Buy Co., Inc.12/14/2020$0.55
QSRRestaurant Brands International Inc.12/18/2020$0.52
MKCMcCormick & Company, Incorporated12/30/2020$0.34
BGSB&G Foods, Inc.12/30/2020$0.48
GISGeneral Mills, Inc.1/7/2021$0.51
SYYSysco Corporation1/7/2021$0.45
HRLHormel Foods Corporation1/8/2021$0.25
ABBVAbbVie Inc.1/14/2021$1.30
LOWLowe's Companies, Inc.1/19/2021$0.60
CLXClorox Company (The)1/26/2021$1.11

If I had to guess, I'll probably be purchasing MKC, BGS, GIS, SYY, and HPQ. (These are not stock recommendations). I like food companies and I have an HP computer :) 



Friday, November 27, 2020

2020 Dividends So Far

I think my goal for 2020 was to get $300+ dividends in my Robinhood Portfolio. Like a lot of goals planned for 2020, this isn't going to happen. 

You can see in the chart below the dividends I've received over the past 5 years. On November 9th of this year I passed the amount of dividends received in all of 2019. I was hoping to have reached this checkpoint earlier in the year, but I'll still end up getting over $200 in dividends this year. 


I expect it will take a little longer to get back on course due to some companies reducing or cutting dividends. While I don't know of too many companies doing this, I heard that Disney is cutting their dividend for now. Also, I own Dunkin Donuts stock, and that is getting bought out into a private company. I will get some cash from the Dunkin Donuts buyout so I can buy more dividend stocks with that.



Monday, November 16, 2020

Apple Shares Oustanding

I've been tracking Apple's outstanding shares for awhile now and here is an update with the Fiscal Year Quarter 4 earnings - https://investor.apple.com/investor-relations/default.aspx

For this specific update I had to divide the # of shares outstanding on the financial report by 4 due to Apple's 4 for 1 stock split at the end of August (highlighted in yellow)

I should learn how to read these financial statements better because this is one of the only numbers I look at. 

Date EndedYear - QuarterBasic - Shares Outstanding
9/30/2017FY17 Q45,149,428,000-45,660,000
12/31/2017FY18 Q15,112,877,000-36,551,000
3/31/2018FY18 Q25,024,877,000-88,000,000
6/30/2018FY18 Q34,882,167,000-142,710,000
9/29/2018FY18 Q44,801,589,000-80,578,000
12/29/2018FY19 Q14,735,820,000-65,769,000
3/30/2019FY19 Q24,674,071,000-61,749,000
6/29/2019FY19 Q34,570,633,000-103,438,000
9/28/2019FY19 Q44,490,812,000-79,821,000
12/28/2019FY20 Q14,415,040,000-75,772,000
3/28/2020FY20 Q24,360,101,000-54,939,000
6/27/2020FY20 Q34,312,573,000-47,528,000
9/26/2020FY20 Q44,264,405,500-48,167,500

If Apple keeps buying back their shares, and keeps making the same amount of money, their earnings per share will go up, which should increase the stock price. 

Apple's stock price has been stagnant for the past couple months but that makes sense since it increased by a huge amount over the summer.