Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Investing Missions for 2020

Happy Holidays!

I have the day off today and found this is a time of year I think about this blog more. I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished money/financial/investing wise in 2019, and I want to keep that momentum going into 2020.

  • Mission #1 - Reach $10,000+ value in Robinhood Portfolio
    • I recently passed $7,000. 
  • Mission #2 - Receive $300+ in dividends in my Robinhood Portfolio
    • Year-To-Date for 2019 I've received $174, so this one could be a challenge
  • Mission #3 - Own 100 shares of a stock that is $20+ and sell a covered call
    • I've been reading up on covered calls off and on. I did one in 2018 but didn't stick with it because I bought 100 shares of a volatile stock. 
  • Mission #4 - Review my holdings in my Roth IRA
    • I think I've discussed previously that I'm not thrilled with my holdings in my Roth IRA. I need to do some research and also talk to my financial adviser about those holdings. 
  • Mission #5 - Student Loans Under $5,000
    • Currently around $8,400. Loans growing at ~$1.28/day
  • Mission #6 - Pay off Car
    • Currently around $4,380 left. 
  • Mission #7 - IF I buy a new phone, pay for it outright, and don't get a phone where I would spread the cost out over 24 months/2 years. 
    • My current phone, Pixel 2, will be two years old in March. It's still holding up well, but it's showing it's age a little bit in speed and battery life. 
  • Mission #8 - Reduce Phone Bill
    • I'm paying about $125/month for just ME. I think that's way too expensive, although I'm still making payments on my Google Pixel 2 😐😐😐
  • Mission #9 - Track all spending in all 12 months of 2020
    • I've been doing great at tracking spending/budgeting since October, and I have hope that for the first time ever, I'll maintain this habit. 
  • Mission #10 - Use my debit card for purchases aside from monthly, reoccurring purchases and gas. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good end to your 2019! 



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