Sunday, March 10, 2019

Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Week Ending 16-MAR-2019

I'm looking at buying one new stock each week as long as my finances will allow it. I picked out some stocks that caught my eye that are going ex-dividend this week. I have to own the stock before the ex-dividend date in order to get paid the dividend. Here are those stocks - 

(I also made a video talking about this -

The ones highlighted in green are stocks/ETFs that I already own. Here's a look at the ex-dividend dates, the current cost of the stock (as of closing on Friday) and the yield. 

TickerCompany (Symbol)Ex-Dividend DateCostYield
GDVGabelli Dividend (GDV)3/14/2019$20.776.36%
STAYExtended Stay America, Inc. (STAY)3/13/2019$18.574.74%
KOCoca-Cola Company (The) (KO)3/14/2019$44.843.57%
HPQHP Inc. (HPQ)3/12/2019$18.743.42%
XELXcel Energy Inc. (XEL)3/14/2019$55.672.91%
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE)3/12/2019$15.612.88%
ESRTEmpire State Realty Trust, Inc. (ESRT)3/14/2019$15.842.65%
WHWyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (WH)3/14/2019$52.002.23%
WMTWalmart Inc. (WMT)3/14/2019$97.592.17%
I will be purchasing one of the stocks this week, and it won't be Wal-Mart (too expensive for me right now, just posting it in case someone else would benefit knowing it went ex-dividend this week). I will be posting more information on which stock I buy later this week!

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