Saturday, March 2, 2019

Investing Update 3/2/2019

It's March. Two months of 2019 are already over and it's hard to believe. I'm making good progress with dividend investing, and I just need to maintain this strategy. My account doesn't grow as fast with dividend investing as it could with other strategies, but it's a consistent strategy and I shouldn't lose a bunch of money with it. 

We're still getting mountains of snow where I live, and it's getting pretty old. I'm pretty used to the cold at this point, but I feel bad for my vehicle, since it has to sit outside in the elements. Anyway....

Here is this week's investing update -

1/1/20193/1/2019Change since Jan 1stAvg/Week
Robinhood Portfolio Value$4,434.08$4,921.74$487.66
Money from my pocket$4,593.98$4,643.98$50.00$5.74
Gains/Realized & Unrealized-$399.90$18.71$418.61

My overall portfolio has increased $487.66 since January 1st. I have received $19.05 in dividends in 2019 and added $50.00 from my pocket. That means the other $418.61 increase came from the value of my stocks going up.

Here are the year-to-date numbers on my dividends -

Dividends Received in 2018$19.05
# of Dividends Received in 201862
Average Dividend Payment Amount$0.307

Today is the 61st day of 2019, and I've received 62 dividends. So at this point, I'm averaging one dividend per day.

I received 16 dividends this past week, for a total of $2.91!

Arrow Dow Jones Global ETFGYLD$0.139.67%
KKR & Co, Inc.KKR$0.132.30%
PowerShares Preferred PortfolioPGX$0.075.99%
PowerShares KBW High DivKBWD$0.317.98%
Principal Real Estate Income FundPGZ$0.117.29%
S&P 500 Low VolatilitySPLV$0.102.43%
Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income FundEVT$0.157.77%
Multi-Asset Diversified Income ETFMDIV$0.138.56%
PowerShares S&P 500SPHD$0.294.19%
PowerShares High YieldPEY$0.064.18%
PowerShares Financial Preferred PortfolioPGF$0.095.76%
Peritus High Yield ETFHYLD$0.227.55%
YieldShares High Income ETFYYY$0.138.84%
Intel CorporationINTC$0.633.97%
Twin Cities FinancialTCF$0.152.71%
ConAgra BrandsCAG$0.212.72%

For the past few months now, the end of the month brings a lot of dividends. Getting 16 dividends in a week is pretty cool! I'm not getting a lot of money per dividend payment, but getting a lot of small payments adds up.

Have a good rest of your weekend! 



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