Thursday, March 14, 2019

ESRT - New Stock Purchase

On Sunday I talked about buying a new stock this week -

I ended up buying Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) for $15.81.

Part of my reasoning was on the day that I bought ESRT, it was pretty much the only stock on my list that hadn't gone up 1 - 2 %. I was kind of leaning towards buying another share of HPE or HPQ, but figured the stock would go down AFTER I bought another share.

According to, ESRT will pay 42 cents this year, so my dividend yield is -

  • $0.42 / $15.81 = 2.66% 
Not a super great yield, but not bad either. As a result of buying ESRT, here are the numbers on my stocks -
  • 67 total stocks
  • 66 that pay dividends
  • 47 that pay 4 dividends/year (188 dividends)
  • 19 that pay 12 dividends/year (228 dividends)
  • 416 dividends/year
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