Friday, February 22, 2019

Investing Update 2/22/2019

Here is this week's investing update -

1/1/20192/22/2019Change since Jan 1stAvg/Week
Robinhood Portfolio Value$4,434.08$4,911.62$477.54
Money from my pocket$4,593.98$4,643.98$50.00$6.60
Gains/Realized & Unrealized-$399.90$11.50$411.40

My overall portfolio has increased $477.54 since January 1st. I have received $16.14 in dividends in 2019 and added $50.00 from my pocket. That means the other $411.40 increase came from the value of my stocks going up.

Here are the year-to-date numbers on my dividends -

Dividends Received in 2018$16.14
# of Dividends Received in 201846
Average Dividend Payment Amount$0.351

I received three dividends this past week, for a total of $0.61

Gabelli Dividend & IncomeGDV$0.116.81%
WisdomTree U.S. High DividendDHS$0.142.43%
Starbucks CorporationSBUX$0.362.11%

I'm glad to see the value of my portfolio going back up. I know dividend investors aren't necessarily worried about the value of the portfolio but rather the safety of the dividends being paid and if the dividends will go up. From my standpoint, seeing my Robinhood account rise and fall so much with options, it's nice to see my account working towards that $5k mark.

Have a good rest of your weekend! 



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