Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Apple Earnings for FY19 Q1

For some time now I've tracked the number of shares Apple has. Apple released the earnings last week (I think it was last week), and you can see that the number of shares Apple has decreased over the past quarter.

Date EndedYear - QuarterBasic - Shares Outstanding
12/31/2013FY14 Q16,272,504,000
3/31/2014FY14 Q26,123,302,000
6/30/2014FY14 Q36,012,635,000
9/30/2014FY14 Q45,933,845,000
12/31/2014FY15 Q15,843,082,000
3/31/2015FY15 Q25,793,799,000
6/30/2015FY15 Q35,729,886,000
9/30/2015FY15 Q45,646,916,000
12/31/2015FY16 Q15,558,930,000
3/31/2016FY16 Q25,514,381,000
6/30/2016FY16 Q35,443,058,000
9/30/2016FY16 Q45,366,912,000
3/31/2017FY17 Q25,225,791,000
6/30/2017FY17 Q35,195,088,000
9/30/2017FY17 Q45,149,428,000
12/31/2017FY18 Q15,112,877,000
3/31/2018FY18 Q25,024,877,000
6/30/2018FY18 Q34,882,167,000
9/29/2018FY18 Q44,801,589,000
12/29/2018FY19 Q14,735,820,000

In my eyes, buybacks are good. It reduces the number of shares available on the market, and when supply goes down, demand goes up. I don't see the demand for Apple products going down enough to make me sell my Apple stock. I know the stock price has been down recently due to talk about the demand for the iPhone X, XS, and XR being lower than expected. 

Personally, I don't care. I'm holding Apple for the long term. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iMac, and I've been very happy with it. 

FYI - I'm not encouraging you to buy Apple, so don't read my blog as financial advice :) I'm just sharing what I'm doing and what I think. 



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