Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Small Reflections on the year 2018

2018 is now over, and 2019 has begun. We're expected to have big and glamorous years, expectations coming from social media and regular media. I didn't have a "big" or "glamorous" year, but overall, I continued rebuilding and organizing my life. Here are some things I did this year - 
  • Was humbled by a pretty big mess-up at work. 
  • Increased supervision skills at work
  • Supervised my staff through encouragement and support, not through fear and intimidation
  • Organized most of the paper/files/documents I have
  • Got my tonsils out (I breathe and sleep so much better now!)
  • Did my own taxes with the help of my friend Turbo :) 
  • Started contributed to my Roth IRA again
  • Played video games again - hadn't actively played for a couple years
  • Started going to a chiropractor from a work incident over four years ago
  • Cried tears of happiness
I took some small steps to get my mental and physical health back on track. I laughed way more than I did in 2017. 

A lot of social media posts right now are focusing on doing big things in 2019 and it can make us feel inferior if we also don't have these big tasks to focus on. If it motivates you do stuff based off of seeing people posting about doing big stuff, great! Some days I build my motivation for the day by making a pot of coffee, or taking the garbage out. For some of us, doing little things makes us feel accomplished. I'd argue doing small things consistently is better than doing big things every so often. 

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