Monday, January 7, 2019

Reviewing Overall 2018 Spending - Part 2

I broke down my 2018 spending a little bit more. It's good to know more of where my money went in 2018, and it's also annoying to see how much I'm spending on some things. Overall, this will make me a better spender in 2019.

In 2018 I spent -

  • $2,890.20 on my car payment
  • $1,938.00 on student loans
  • $1,494.39 on my Verizon Wireless cell phone plan (yuck)
I can keep breaking things down, but as of now, I'm only looking at my checking account. A lot of my food/grocery/gas spending was on credit cards, which will require looking through another year's worth of transactions. This sounds harder than it is, but for now, I want to go slow and make sure I understand as much as I can from my checking account. 

My car payment is more or less a fixed cost, my student loans I could actually pay more on, and my cell phone bill is an opportunity to decrease. I get great service through Verizon, but wow is it expensive. 

Overall though, I spent less than I earned in 2018. I put money away in Robinhood and in my Roth IRA. I have a good job and a roof over my head. I need to get my health in order and lose some weight. 

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