Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Career Advice

This doesn't really fall under the umbrella of my blog topics, but sometimes I deviate and write about other things.

About six years ago now I was very early into my first full-time job as an engineer. I was a December college graduate and was fortunate enough to have a job offer before I graduated. This time of year reminds me of what I went through during the first few months of leaving college and starting work. If there are any new college grads starting work, maybe you could benefit from what I learned. I will preface that this advice would be centered around a more office-based, administrative job.

  • Daily Summary - I spent the last 10 minutes of each day summarizing what I did that day - 
    • I also made notes about people's names and what role they played in the company/organization
  • Set up your voicemail - I honestly hate setting up voicemails at work, but it'll make our boss happy, so I'd do it. 
  • Don't get comfortable with your routine - Yes, it's nice to eventually build a routine, but you'll need to eventually add more work once you can do repeated tasks/work faster. Don't become rigid on your schedule that forms during the first few months. 
  • Bring some snacks - In college you can have a pretty flexible schedule and can grab food/snacks from campus dining, coffee shops, convenience stores on campus. At work, you might have a cafeteria, and/or a vending machine. Vending machine costs will add up, along with being tempted to get a candy bar, which isn't the best thing to do on a daily basis! 
  • Clear Expectations - Request/review the expectations of your job. Ask any clarifying questions to your supervisor. How should you request time off? How should you call in if you're sick? What is the expected dress/uniform?
  • Finding a Mentor - I found a mentor at work about the second month in and it made a world of difference. This person took me under their wing and gave me support and also challenged me to grow and do better at my job. 
These are things I'm still learning how to do in my current job, and it's good for me to reflect on these things. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I'll provide an investing update. 



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