Saturday, January 12, 2019

First Three Stock Purchases in 2019

I've purchased three stocks in 2019 so far. Two of these stocks are brand new and one is a stock I already own. 

I bought one share of Hanesbrands (HBI) for $12.60. The last five dividend payments were $0.15/share, paid on a quarterly basis. So $0.15 * 4 = $0.60. $0.60 / $12.60 = 4.76% dividend yield.

I bought another share of AT&T (T), bringing my total shares to two shares. I bought this share for $30.06. I bought this share after the ex-dividend date, so I won't get this latest dividend, but that's OK. The upcoming AT&T dividends are $0.51/share, and dividends are paid quarterly. $0.51 * 4 = $2.04. $2.04 / $30.06 = 6.79% dividend yield. 

I bought one share of Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust (GDV) for $19.37. This pays dividends monthly, and the last dividends were paying $0.11/share. $0.11 * 12 = $1.32. $1.32 / $19.37 = 6.81%. 

  • I now have 65 stocks/ETFs in my Robinhood Portfolio
  • In the next 12 months, I will receive 408 dividend payments. 
    • This averages out to 1.12 dividends/day. 

I still have a few new stocks I want to buy, but at this point, I should focus on averaging down on stocks that I already have. I think I have a good amount of dividends coming in now, and if I average down on stocks I already have, it'll increase the rate at which I can grow my account through compound interest. 

Hope you're heaving a good weekend!



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