Thursday, January 17, 2019

Checking my Stocks Less

When I was testing, using, "gambling", with stock options this summer, I was on my phone a lot. There were days where my portfolio would go up $500. I was distracted at work and checking my phone at an unprofessional level. Well, all the money I made from options, I lost.

From losing money in options, I switched back to solely investing in dividend-paying stocks. These stocks are nearly as volatile as stock options, and I now I check my Robinhood app a lot less. I check it when the market opens to see what kind of day it'll be, and I usually check once in the afternoon to see how the day went.

From a minimalism/distraction standpoint, checking my phone less is good. From a technology standpoint, I'm saving battery on my phone, which is good (Although I've never had a concern that Robinhood is a battery drain). From a health standpoint, it's good, because I'm less anxious about my stocks.

I'm not done with options forever, but right now, when I still have student loans to pay off, I have better outlets for extra money.



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