Sunday, January 13, 2019

Caffeine/Sugar Withdrawals

I don't talk about Health topics very much on the blog anymore, because I always start strong with trying to lose weight, and it always fails. Last Sunday, I decided that I was going to stop drinking pop, including diet pop. Yes, I'm from the midwest, and we call it pop not soda :) 

I was pretty sick this past week, evening taking a 1/2 sick day just so I could sleep. Now I think there's a lot of factors that contributed to this -
  • Traveling a lot last weekend
  • Only sleeping for 5 hours last Sunday into Monday
  • Taking public transportation (germs)
  • Stopping pop
  • Stopping caffeine halfway through the week

Part of me thinks I was having sugar/caffeine withdrawals. Yes, I was drinking a lot of sugar previously, and I drink more over the holidays. I also had a lot of caffeine to help keep me awake on the long drive I had to travel the previous weekend. 

This past week, I was craving sugar. I'm not 100% sure how to describe it, but I could feel it in my mouth and stomach, that if I had a pop, I'd feel better. I stuck with not drinking pop, and started drinking tea and sleeping more. 

I'm feeling better today, through a combination of a lot of rest and drinking lots of water and tea. The past week was pretty brutal though, but a bad sign if my body was having that big of a reaction to not having sugar. Hopefully that's the most "sick" I get this flu/germy/sickness season, and hopefully I can stick to not drinking pop. Maybe my sleep patterns will get better too without the caffeine?

I hope you have a good Monday, and I hope you beat the Sunday blues. 



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