Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beginning of 2018 Minimalism Checklist

So at the end of December I worked on a Financial Checklist - I basically completed everything on that list, besides selling a small of amount of cryptocurrency (I was using two different services for Crypto).

I actually had success with making a checklist, and I feel I should make another one. I've noticed my apartment getting a little "fuller", since I've now lived here for over 1.5 years. Staying in one spot is uncommon for me, I moved a lot after college. This checklist won't be 100% minimalism, as it'll focus a lot on inventorying and putting like-items together. I believe though, once I'm more organized, I can work on reducing the number of items I have and the things that eat up my time.

  • Organize my technology/cables/devices into one area
  • Inventory my cooking supplies/utensils
    • This will help with eventual food prep
  • Update my inventory of clothes
    • Donate those that I don't use. 
  • Sort through my food in cupboards/fridge/freezer, and bring soonish expiring food to the front to use/eat. 
  • Uninstall 5 apps from my phone
    • I used to do this a lot and I enjoyed doing it. It kept me accountable to removing apps on my phone that I didn't need. 
  • Put all loose papers in one area. 
    • Create a mail processing bin near my front door. 

I think this is a good list to start with and maybe I can start 2019 being more organized. 



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