Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Reoccuring Payments

Did anyone else struggle going to work today? I acknowledge that I'm pretty fortunate to have a job where I get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off as company holidays. The four day weekend was fun, but I got back into poor sleep habits and probably only got five hours of sleep last night. Anyway, it was nice to get back into a routine at work. 

Continuing on with my end of 2018 financial to-do list, I looked at my reoccurring payments. 

$79.12YouTube TV + NBA League Pass
$14.99Google Music
$10.54Microsoft Office
$9.99Apple iCloud Storage
$1.99Google Storage

That's quite a bit of money that I have going towards reoccurring payments, and they're all technology related. In my video reviewing these payments, I talk a little bit about if I need to continue paying for some of these services -

  • YouTube TV + NBA League Pass
    • Do I need this? - No
    • Do I use this? - Yes, almost every day.
  • Google Music 
    • Do I need this? - I would argue yes. I use rain and ocean wave music to fall asleep, and I sometimes you feel better after listening to music. 
    • Do I use this? - Every. Single. Day. 
  • Microsoft Office
    • Do I need this? - 50/50 - My family needs it, but I don't necessarily need it. 
    • Do I use this? - Not too much right now, as you can see, I'm pretty big on Google.
  • Dropbox
    • Do I need this? - I think I can commit to Google Drive and end my time with Dropbox
    • Do I use this? - Not nearly as much as I used to. 
  • Apple iCloud Storage
    • Do I need this? - Not anymore since I bought a 2 TB external hard drive. 
    • Do I use this? - Not really anymore.
  • Google Storage
    • Do I need this? - Yes, for my pictures.
    • Do I use this? - I take a lot of pictures. 

Looks like I can consolidate and cancel Apple iCloud Storage and Dropbox and save $20/month right there. This is a good exercise to review reoccurring costs, and I encourage you to look at your reoccurring costs!



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