Sunday, December 9, 2018

Investing Update 12/9/2018

Here are some updates on my Robinhood Portfolio
  • I have 63 stocks/ETFs
  • 62 pay dividends
  • 392 dividend payments/year

This past week I received nine dividend payments

DateStock/ETFTicker SymbolDiv AmountYield
12/4/2018Intel CorporationINTC$0.603.78%
12/3/2018Twin Cities FinancialTCF$0.152.71%
12/4/2018Visa Inc.V$0.250.70%
12/5/2018United Parcel ServiceUPS$0.913.31%
12/6/2018Global X SuperDividendSDIV$0.818.02%
12/6/2018Qualcomm IncQCOM$1.244.83%
12/6/2018Global X SuperIncome Preferred ETFSPFF$0.066.29%
12/6/2018Global X SuperDividendDIV$0.276.45%
12/7/2018iShares US Preferred ETFPFF$0.165.02%
I received $4.45 in dividends this week. I'm very happy with that! 

I bought one stock this past week - Conagra Foods (CAG)
  • I bought CAG for $30.93
  • $0.213 quarterly dividend payment
  • $0.21 * 4 = $0.84 (since I only have one share, it'll round down to $0.21)
  • $0.84/$30.93 = 2.72% yield

I'm hoping to stick with the dividend strategy and continue to keep staying away from options, as I obviously don't have the stomach to handle the large swings. 



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