Saturday, November 17, 2018

"Dividends" this past Week

The reason dividends is in quotes in the title is because I haven't technically received these dividends yet. Robinhood is transitioning to their own clearing system, so there's some lag time in getting paid these dividends. Regardless, below are the dividends I "received" this past week.

DateStock/ETF NameTicker SymbolDividend AmountCurrent Yield
11/13/2018Global X SuperDividendSDIV$0.818.02%
11/13/2018Global X SuperDividendDIV$0.276.45%
11/15/2018Realty Income DelawareO$0.225.15%
11/15/2018Abbott LaboratoriesABT$0.282.89%
11/15/2018Hormel Foods Corp.HRL$0.192.03%
Total Dividends this Week$3.96

I'm pretty happy with the 8% yield on SDIV. SDIV, DIV, and O all pay monthly dividends. The bad part is that I believe they're all "unqualified" dividends, which means they don't get a tax discount like "qualified" dividends do. 

I bought more dividend stocks this past week, and will share all my current stocks in another post. I look forward to reaching getting paid on average once per day by dividends. I'm almost there!



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