Sunday, November 11, 2018

Apple continues to buy back shares

On Wednesday, November 1st, 2018, Apple announced their Fiscal Year 2018 4th Quarter earnings.

I check the Consolidated Financial Statements approximately every quarter to see how many shares Apple has outstanding, or available to public and not bought back by Apple. This latest quarter, Apple continued to buy back their own shares. With fewer shares available to buy, the supply goes down, so the demand goes up. Fewer shares doesn't automatically mean the stock will go up, but as of right now, I don't see Apple going anywhere, so there should still be a demand for Apple stock.

Below is my table that I use to track shares outstanding for Apple.

Date EndedYear - QuarterBasic - Shares Outstanding
12/31/2013FY14 Q16,272,504,000
3/31/2014FY14 Q26,123,302,000
6/30/2014FY14 Q36,012,635,000
9/30/2014FY14 Q45,933,845,000
12/31/2014FY15 Q15,843,082,000
3/31/2015FY15 Q25,793,799,000
6/30/2015FY15 Q35,729,886,000
9/30/2015FY15 Q45,646,916,000
12/31/2015FY16 Q15,558,930,000
3/31/2016FY16 Q25,514,381,000
6/30/2016FY16 Q35,443,058,000
9/30/2016FY16 Q45,366,912,000
3/31/2017FY17 Q25,225,791,000
6/30/2017FY17 Q35,195,088,000
9/30/2017FY17 Q45,149,428,000
12/31/2017FY18 Q15,112,877,000
3/31/2018FY18 Q25,024,877,000
6/30/2018FY18 Q34,882,167,000
9/29/2018FY18 Q44,801,589,000

For me, and this is not financial advice, I will keep buying Apple shares when I can. The continuation of buying back shares is a good sign to me. Apple stock price took a big hit lately with the October correction, but I believe it will go back up with time. 



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