Saturday, November 24, 2018

368 Dividend Payments Per Year

On November 10th I had posted about getting 284 dividend payments per year. Since then I've bought more stocks/ETFs (exchange traded funds) to reach getting 368 dividend payments per year. I wanted to reach getting over 365 dividend payments per year because there are 365.25 days in a year. If I'm receiving 368 dividend payments per year, then it's like getting one dividend payment every day.

Now, I'm not actually getting paid every day, but on average, a stock or ETF is paying me a dividend every day.

  • I have 60 stocks/etfs in my Robinhood Portfolio
  • 58 stocks/etfs pay a dividend
  • 17 stocks/etfs pay a monthly dividend (12 payments/year)
  • 41 stocks/etfs pay a quarterly dividend (4 payments/year)

I won't be adding any money out of my pocket to Robinhood for awhile, because real life expenses have popped up. I'm hoping with the dividend payments I'll receive, I'll be able to buy more shares of the stocks/ETFs I already have. 

If you were able to take time off this week for the holiday, I hope it was restful and a time to reconnect with friends or family (the ones you want to reconnect with :)



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