Saturday, November 10, 2018

284 Dividend Payments Per Year

As of Friday (yesterday) I have 43 stocks that pay dividends in my Robinhood Portfolio. These 43 stocks will pay 284 dividend payments in the next rolling 12 months. This is the equivalent of getting paid 284 times in the next rolling 12 months, or 77.8% of the days in a year.

  • 284 dividend payments / 365.25 days/year = 77.75%
If I wanted to reach getting ~365 payments a year, I will need 365 - 284 = 81 more dividend payments. If the average stock pays four dividend payments a year, I need about 20 more dividend paying stocks to reach getting paid approximately once per day from stocks. 

Now, I have quite a few stocks/ETFs (exchange traded funds) that pay monthly, or 12 times per year. If I bought more of these, I'd only need about seven more stocks/ETFs to reach getting paid approximately once per day. 

Here are the updates numbers on the dividends I've received in 2018 - 

Dividends Received in 2018$78.58
# of Dividends Received in 2018183
Average Dividend Payment Amount$0.429

The average dividend payment is still pretty low, at about $0.43 per dividend payment, but that will increase once I start buying more shares of shares I already own, along with those companies increasing their dividend payment. 

My current Mission is to reach ~365 dividend payments by the end of the 2018 calendar year.



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