Saturday, August 4, 2018

Apple Outstanding Shares Update

Every so often I will post about the number of shares outstanding Apple has. Apple has been buying back a lot of their shares, and this past quarter was no different -

Date EndedYear - QuarterBasic - Shares Outstanding
12/31/2013FY14 Q16,272,504,000
3/31/2014FY14 Q26,123,302,000
6/30/2014FY14 Q36,012,635,000
9/30/2014FY14 Q45,933,845,000
12/31/2014FY15 Q15,843,082,000
3/31/2015FY15 Q25,793,799,000
6/30/2015FY15 Q35,729,886,000
9/30/2015FY15 Q45,646,916,000
12/31/2015FY16 Q15,558,930,000
3/31/2016FY16 Q25,514,381,000
6/30/2016FY16 Q35,443,058,000
9/30/2016FY16 Q45,366,912,000
3/31/2017FY17 Q25,225,791,000
6/30/2017FY17 Q35,195,088,000
9/30/2017FY17 Q45,149,428,000
12/31/2017FY18 Q15,112,877,000
3/31/2018FY18 Q25,024,877,000
6/30/2018FY18 Q34,882,167,000

Apple has under 5 billion shares outstanding. When the supply of shares goes down, the demand goes up, therefore increasing the stock price. I believe over time, Apple's stock price will keep trending upwards. Don't listen to clickbait-ey articles saying "Apple's Price set to soar to $300/share!!!" any time soon, but yes, maybe in 4-5 years, Apple will probably reach $300/share. Slow and steady. 

This isn't investment advice, just my thoughts. 



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