Saturday, July 21, 2018

Taking the time to Budget

I've talked about this a few times the past month, but I have a much better sense of where my money is going by having a budget. I've been keeping track of every transaction on excel, and I know where every penny has gone in the month of July so far. 

It takes a while, but I made myself sit down and get caught up today on my budget. It's nice to know where I stand with 10 days left in this month. The other great part is that I'll know exactly how much I have left over at the end of July. This leftover money can be put towards an extra payment on student loans, buying a fun item, or putting it in my Robinhood account. 

I also know where I need to cut back on spending next month. I definitely need to stay away from Best Buy and not buy any new gadgets for a month. 

If you need help setting up a budget, feel free to comment below!

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