Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Every now and then I deviate from the core topics of this blog. I think it's important to talk about issues that are happening in the real world now and then. I want to talk about microaggressions. 

I am a white male, so I am less susceptible of being the target of a microaggression to the point of pretty much never having to worry about it. I have a good friend from college, who is a black woman. She posted on social media the other day that someone touched her afro and felt her afro/hair. I would actually say this is beyond a microaggression due to the physical touch being involved. 

Coming from a lens of being a white male, and knowing I can't form my hair into a true afro, I won't lie and say I think afros are cool and I'm intrigued by them. But there is a line with assuming it's OK to touch someone else's hair. 

You might say, as a white person, sometimes people touch my hair without asking, isn't that a microaggression? I would say no, it isn't. As white people, we have a lot of privilege and control in this world. These actions of microaggressions are usually directed towards people of color, and not white people. These microaggressions, whether words or actions, build up. 

If you do or say something that's a microaggression, own it. Making excuses and deflecting doesn't help the issue. Own what happened and do your best to move forward. Making excuses and defending yourself makes you appear to be the victim, not the person who the microaggression was directed towards. 

Let's make this world a better place for everyone, because there certainly aren't enough people in the world trying. 



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