Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Keeping my Google Pixel 2 Running Fast

I've had my Google Pixel 2 for about four months now, and it's still running very fast. My battery is also lasting all day. I would credit this to NOT having certain apps installed on my phone.

  • I do NOT have the Facebook app on my phone. The Facebook app is a storage hog, and when I did install it on my Pixel 2, my phone slowed down immediately. 
  • I do not have instagram installed on my phone. I never installed it on my Pixel 2, but I figured it would slow me down like Facebook.
  • I do not have Clash of Clans installed. I would attribute this to why my battery life is staying so good :) 

I'm hoping my phone can maintain this high level of performance for another eight months. I also don't use any apps that say they can improve the performance of your phone. 



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