Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day 2018

Today is the a holiday in the United States, the 4th of July or Independence Day. I didn't do a whole lot today as I wasn't able to travel home for the holiday. I personally don't get excited for the loud noise and congestion of trying to watch fireworks in large, congested area. 

I decided that today would be (the start of) my independence day from using credit cards and wasting money. I'm going to start transitioning away from using credit cards (Thanks to advice from Dave Ramsey). I'm also going to stop recurring subscriptions that I don't fully utilize or need anymore. 

I cancelled my Amazon prime subscription. I really wasn't buying anything on Amazon too regularly, and all of their cloud services, I use the Google equivalent. 

I also need to evaluate cloud storage subscriptions and which ones I should keep. I have three right now (not good), and I need to cut back. 

The good thing is, I've made a pretty good budget for July 2018, and in the four days of July, I've tracked all of my expenses so far! (This was to be read in a sarcastic voice, because four days isn't very long) It's a good start, and I think the excel spreadsheet I made is simple enough to track my expenses the entire month. 

To summarize, I'm trimming the fat of my spending, and I'm tracking all of my expenses this month. This is all done in an effort to be "independent' from debt. 

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