Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Great Time for Gaming

I would say that right now is a great time for gaming. Fortnite is huge and is a great game. Pokemon Go is a great game, and vastly improved from when I stopped playing it 1.5 years ago. Clash of Clans is still putting out good content. Granted, I'm just naming games that I play, but they're still popular games. 

I'm able to watch gamers/gaming play live on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube gaming. Fortnite Battle Royale, Clash of Clans, and Pokemon Go are all "free" (besides cost of the system and internet access). I enjoy playing these games, but I know 10 year old Mitch would be freaking out at how great these games are. 

Lately, I've really enjoyed watching Ninja and TimTheTatMan stream Fortnite on Twitch. I know some people, who don't understand streaming, might ask why I watch video games rather than play them. My answer to that is Ninja and Tim are great players and fun to watch. 

I've been gaming more lately to increase work-life balance. I've been working too much over the past year, and I need to reduce work so I don't get burnt out. 

If I was better at Fortnite, then my work-life balance would improve :) 



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