Monday, July 9, 2018

Dividends This Week

It looks like I'll be getting five dividend payments this week. If you think about it, I'm getting paid five times this week. 
  • PFF - $0.19
  • ITW - $0.78
  • O - $0.22
  • SDIV - $0.27 ($0.1352/share)
  • DIV - $0.14
Total dividends this week - $1.60. This is an irregular week since PFF, O, SDIV, and DIV all pay dividends on a monthly basis. I am shifting back to the safe and (mostly) consistent strategy of dividend investing. 

I tried out some options on the Robinhood App, and it's too volatile for me, even with stocks that I'd consider not super volatile. 

I'll get back to my regular Friday stock updates soon. 

Thanks for reading.



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