Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dave Ramsey

I love watching YouTube videos and I've recently stumbled across Dave Ramsey videos. Dave Ramsey gives a lot of advice about getting out of debt and not using credit cards. To see for yourself, here's a video -

At night, when I'm brushing my teeth, I'll usually "watch" (listen) to these videos, and it gives me motivation to do better financially. From his advice, I'm considering not using my credit cards anymore. He makes a good point that the cash back bonus you get from a credit card is probably less than amount you'd save by spending cash instead of a credit card. I agree that Dave has a point with this. I dislike giving up cash and seeing it leave my wallet. I don't care as much when I use a credit card to pay for something.

Dave also doesn't care about credit scores. I started thinking about why I care about raising mine back up so much? (My credit score tanked after my house got foreclosed on). I won't need a credit score again unless I'm going to buy another house, which is going to be a loooooong time for me.

It's nice to hear a different opinion about credit cards and finances. If you want a different perspective about finances, give Dave a listen.



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