Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Return of the Stress

I once had a really stressful job, a job that kept me up at night. For a time period, I'd maybe get 4 hours of sleep at night because the stress of work consumed my life. I quit that job, changed life/career paths, and the two years after that were amazing.

I started a new job in June of 2017, and some of the stresses are coming back. Yes, all jobs have stresses. Yes, all adults face stresses. Some of the challenges I'm facing are thinking about work way too much and it is adding stress to my life again.

One of the many lessons I learned from that old job is that I'm not stuck at my current job. I'm still in a position in life where I'm pretty flexible - no spouse, no kids, no pets. If I want to move, it's a lot easier compared to if I had bigger life commitments.

I am in control of how I respond to the stresses of the job. I can look for and apply for other jobs. I can quit taking the job so seriously. I can quit letting the people causing me issues negatively affect me.

I've learned to cope with the stress in a healthier way, and the stress contributors are no where near as bad as they were at my old job. I'm still not ideally happy and spent more time upset at my job than happy, so that's not a good sign.

I refuse to be in this situation for too long. Either the climate at work needs to change, or I need to change the work.



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