Sunday, January 14, 2018

Other Stocks that have Lost Value

Yesterday I talked about my General Electric stock, and how the shares I own have lost a lot of value. Today I'm going to talk about the other stocks that have lost value.

CompanySymbolCost BasisCurrent Value% Gain
General ElectricGE$398.55$281.4-29.39%
Portland General ElectricPOR$47.75$42.62-10.74%
First EnergyFE$33.07$30.07-9.07%
Southern CompanySO$48.50$44.84-7.55%
General MillsGIS$60.92$57.85-5.04%
Black HillsBKH$56.46$54.44-3.58%
PowerShares KBW High DivKBWD$23.99$23.75-1.00%
Global X SuperDividendDIV$25.43$25.34-0.35%
iShares US Preferred ETFPFF$38.24$38.12-0.31%

Above are the stocks that are currently trading lower than the price I bought them at. Looking at the stocks, I'm seeing a trend. POR, FE, SO, and BKH are all utility companies. Ever since I've owned FE stock, it's pretty much always been in the red (priced lower than what I bought it for). 

The other trend is with DIV and PFF. These are two monthly paying dividend ETFs. I haven't lost much value with these, but they're still negative. 

GIS, General Mills, seems like a good company, but maybe they're in a bad stretch right now and people aren't buying as many boxes of Lucky Charms. 

I'll need to do some more research on these stocks to see if it's worth still holding them, and if so, if I should buy another share to cost average done.



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