Tuesday, January 9, 2018

GoPro Stock

I bought a couple of shares of GoPro today. I know I will most likely lose money on this tiny investment, but with the stock going down in price so much, I felt like it was close to bottoming out. Who knows though, I kept averaging down on General Electric stock over the summer, and the price just kept falling :(

I don't own a GoPro, I find them too expensive. So why would I invest in the company if I think their product is too expensive? Well, besides feeling like the stock can't go down in price much further, there is also talk of GoPro being bought out.

It's also fun investing in a stock that is getting a lot of attention. I am very diversified in my Robinhood Portfolio, so I'm not too worried about losing stock value unless the entire market goes down. Sometimes investing in a volatile stock adds a little excitement.

So those are my reasons for buying GoPro. Are they sound and sensible reasons? Eh....maybe, maybe not. We'll see what happens!



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