Thursday, January 11, 2018

Clearing out Clutter at Work

I spent some time today at work clearing out items that we don't need. Quite a few items have just been sitting and collecting dust for months now. I'm tired of looking at these items, and decided to put them in storage, out of the way. This doesn't fix the problem long-term, but it does help short-term. We now have more space and shelf space for the items we actually use.

I know some of the people I work with may be surprised at the change, but I think they'll find value in the new use of space. You have to keep making things better and improving upon things in life and at work. Staying stagnant isn't good. The phrase "That's how we did it last year" makes my blood boil.

People change, job needs change, and cultures change (sometimes slowly). When you're resistant to change, it makes you look rigid, and in my eyes, lessens your value as a worker. I am more likely to hire someone who can be flexible and see how change can be good, compared to someone who always thinks of how change is bad.

To quote Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars movie - "Let this past die."



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