Monday, March 20, 2017

Going Back to Engineering?

As I've been job searching, part of me has considered going back to be an engineer. An engineering job would pay well, and would most likely be stable. BUT, this isn't the career field I want. I wasn't happy as an engineer, especially when I had a boss that bullied me. I know that a lot of engineering jobs are great, and have a great work environment. I'm just not ready to go back yet. 

My job applications/interviews haven't been going as expected. I have enough life experience now to not be totally surprised by this, but some of it has still caught me off guard. I have spent a lot of time working on my resume, cover letters, and work itself to show that I'm a good, quality employee. I haven't been getting the response back from employers that I had been hoping for. 

I shouldn't give up on jobs and take the safe route back to engineering. I don't even know if I'd be competitive anymore in an engineering job. 

Job searching sucks. It's stressful and makes you lose confidence in yourself. 

I need to stay positive and keep working towards my career Mission. 



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