Thursday, January 5, 2017

T-Mobile One

I've personally never been a fan of T-Mobile. When I was younger, my mom's credit card information was stolen from some piece-of-shit person. Part of what they bought was stuff from T-Mobile. Ever since then, I've associated T-Mobile with those feelings of anger.

BUT. Times change. Things change. The CEO of T-Mobile is great. He's a great speaker and I love that he brings competition to the market. T-Mobile did a presentation at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) today. More of what they talked about can be found here -

Also CNET has a pretty good breakdown with additional details -

At this point, I'm still pretty happy with Verizon's expensive, expensive service. If I were to ever switch it'd probably be to Google/Project Fi, which is Google's cell phone service that uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular Networks.

Again, I'm happy that John Legere and T-Mobile is creating competition in the market. As always, we'll wait and see if and how AT&T and Verizon respond.



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