Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Food Journal 1/3/2017

January 3rd's food journal was not pretty. BUT, it is necessary to have some "binge" or "refeed" days. I ended up eating 3,330 calories. Like I've said, I'm not going to hide what I eat. Quite a few of these calories came from not being able to fall asleep due to being hungry. I got out of bed and had quite the "midnight snack". 

It was kind of a cluster of a day, so I'll do my best to abbreviate what I ate. No pictures today, sorry.

  • Midnight Snack - 
  • Breakfast - Cereal, Coffee, and Coffee Creamer - 320 calories
  • Lunch - Leftover tacos from the day before - 990 calories
  • Dinner - Microwave meal - 270 calories
  • The remaining 1,750 calories was split between midnight snacks and post-dinner snacks. 
Yea, I ate a lot. The important thing is to keep going and not lose momentum.



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