Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Blogging Mitch Missions

I did not succeed at my 2016 Missions. I use the term "Missions" instead of "goals", because my former work bully/jerk used the term goals all of the time, and it lost meaning. 

I'm basing my 2017 Missions off of this video - 

So if you watched the video, I'm going to make my Missions process oriented. I'm also going to start this year with 3 Missions, and keep a rolling 3 Missions going at a time. 

Mission #1 - Eat 1,800 to 1,899 calories per day.
Mission #2 - Research stocks weekly to buy dividend stocks so I can get paid "every other day". 
Mission #3 - Spend 30 min/week on my clothes inventory. 

Do you have any Missions set for 2017? Will viewing them as "process goals" help? 



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