Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Smart Home in Stages

Last year I bought the Google OnHub router. It's been a great router, and I've had 0 issues with it. Before getting the OnHub router, the internet would regularly go out, and I'd have to reset the modem and/or router. I could also never figure out how to update my router, as firmware updates were decently confusing, along with a confusing router user interface. The OnHub router updates itself and my internet doesn't go out.

Now that the router/network situation is stable, I can look into getting a Nest Cam or a Nest Smoke Alarm.

  • Nest Cam - Home surveillance camera. Nest has indoor and outdoor versions.
  • Nest Smoke/Carbon Dioxide Alarm - A smart version of a smoke/carbon dioxide alarm. 

I think getting a Nest Cam would be more fun, but getting the smoke alarm would probably be more practical. I think I'll get one of these items for Christmas this year. It's a super practical gift and definitely would not end up in a closet.

Viewing a live stream from a Nest Cam on my phone probably wouldn't work so well with an old, crappy router. So having a router that'll be good for the next 3-4 years will work to stream video from a Nest Cam.

Do any of you have a Nest Cam or Nest Smoke Alarm? Let me know what you think of them!



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