Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kait Parker's Reponse to Breitbart

(Note - the volume on this video isn't great, if you watch it, you may have to turn up pretty far to hear it normally).

I don't know a lot about, but I guess this article - is causing Weather Channel's response to Breitbart's post. I couldn't tell if it was the correct article or not, but then I realized that Breitbart must have removed the video with Kait Parker in it.

I believe human-caused global warming is happening. I trust the scientists that say it's happening. I also trust my own observations. I can see how the climate is changing where I live and have lived.

Have I been collecting my own data? No.

Am I a climate scientist? No.

The weather feels different to me. I used to remember snow in November through March, and not it seems like snow fall has shifted. In more recent years, it feels like major snow fall is from December to April. I used to remember April being spring weather, and now April still feels like winter.

These are just my observations. I'm not a fan of drama, but when it has to do with science, sometimes it's fun to talk about. I think it's cool that Kait Parker called Breitbart out.



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