Thursday, December 15, 2016

HPQ Dividend Increase

HPQ is the stock ticker for HP Inc., HP being Hewlett-Packard.

I bought 1 share of HPQ last year for $11.52 (it closed today at $15.51). I received 4 dividend payments this past year at $0.12 each - actually $0.124 cents, but it rounded down.

$0.12 * 4 payments/year = $0.48/year

Dividends/Average Purchase Price  = $0.48/$11.52 = 4.17% yield.

This coming January, the dividend for HPQ is going up to $0.1327/share. Since I have 1 share, it'll round down to $0.13.

$0.13 * 4 payments/year = $0.52/year

$0.52/$11.52 = 4.51% dividend yield.

That's a great dividend yield that improved upon itself. It's really nice to take a look at the dividend history of this stock and reflect on it. Seeing these dividends listed like this shows me stability in my portfolio. I've bought and sold stocks throughout the year, but this a stock I didn't touch. As we speak, I'm typing this post on a HP Chromebook, so I have faith in HP.

I know sometime last year HP split into two different companies, HPQ and HPE. I need to learn more about each company so I can speak more intelligently about it.

Do any of you own HPQ or HPE stock?



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