Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday Shopping

My family celebrates Christmas. It is a tradition to open up presents on Christmas morning. I enjoy this tradition because of the memories it brings and it's a day that I get to spend with family. I would like to buy gifts for my family, and that is a difficult part about this holiday.

I realize being in a position to buy gifts for my family is not something that everyone has. Aside from getting gifts I will also need to help others this holiday season.

For the past few years, I've been buying consumable items for my family. I'll buy coffee grounds and wine bottles for my parents. I at least know these items will be used, and they won't end up in a closet. I re-gifted books last year which was met with little enthusiasm. I still think this idea was good, but my family did not.

I will most likely continue this year with buying consumable gifts. I will at least attempt to buy one present that came from a local business.

If you have any ideas for me, comment below!


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