Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting Paid Every Other Day

December has been a great month for dividends. After seeing the high amount of dividends I am receiving in December, it got me thinking (greedily) about how many dividends I could receive on a yearly basis. On average, being paid every day from dividends would be awesome, but it would take a lot of stocks. I think I'll start with getting paid every other day.

In order to be paid every other day (on average) -

  • 365 days in 2017
  • 365 divided by 2 = 182.5 = 183 dividend payments

To try and figure out how many stocks I'll need -

  • Realty Income (Stock Ticker O) pays a monthly dividend, so that's 12 payments.
  • 183 - 12 = 171 payments left
  • All of the other stocks I have pay quarterly dividends (4 times per year)

171/4 payments = 42.75, so I'll need 43 stocks that pay dividends 4 times a year.

At the time of this post, I currently own 30 stocks. This means I'll need to buy 13 more stocks to get up to 43 stocks.

13 more stocks doesn't seem too daunting...but the stocks I have in mind are pretty expensive, in the $100 range. I have no doubt I will get up to 43 stocks in 2017, but when I actually accomplish this, who knows?



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