Thursday, December 29, 2016

Early 2017 Dividend Stocks I have my eye on

My stock purchase of Apple last week was my last stock purchase of the year! I decide to just let my Robinhood account settle for the end of the year. There's really not a financial reason for doing this, but it's more of a mindset thing.

In order to Get Paid Every Other Day, I need to receive 183 dividend payments next year in 2017. I have been looking at stocks in order to get to this 183 number.

  • CSCO - Cisco 
  • BBY - Best Buy
  • MCD - McDonald's
  • AEP - American Electric Power
  • GXP - Great Planes Energy
  • XEL - Xcel Energy
  • OUSA - O'Shares FTSE (This is an ETF, exchange-traded-fund, not a stock)
  • V - Visa
There are probably some stocks that you recognize, and some that you don't. I have listed 3 utility companies, because I need to balance the sectors in which I'm invested in. Currently, utility stocks make up 8.5% of my Robinhood Portfolio, and this should be higher. 

OUSA will probably be my first purchase in the new year, and it pays dividends on a monthly basis. This monthly dividend will quicken my mission of getting paid "every other day". 



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