Sunday, December 18, 2016

College Grad Starting a New Job

If you are a recent college graduate, this blog post is for you. I graduated from college 4 years ago, and the first 5 months after I graduated were one of the most formative times in my life. Here are some things I experienced -

  1. Dark and Cold - I started my first full-time job in January. I left for work around sunrise and got off work after sunset. I didn't see the sun very much during my first few months at work. It was also ridiculously cold that winter. 
  2. High Roommates - Both of my roommates at my first apartment smoked pot. It was annoying and I didn't know this moving in. 
  3. Loneliness - Even with roommates, I was pretty lonely. It's hard to meet people during the winter in a new town. 
  4. Eagerness - I was super eager to make a name for myself at work, and also eager to pay off my student loans. 
  5. Stuck/Homesick - I didn't have a super great car, so driving in the winter was rough. It was tough making it to work, let alone travel back home. I felt very stuck in the town I was in. 
All of those emotions/experiences made me a lot more grateful in life. Here are some things that looking back now, I should have done differently.

  1. Looked for a new car sooner. I think with the right financial budgeting, I could have bought a used AWD or 4WD vehicle sooner. 
  2. With a car that could get around town easier, it would have been easier to go to events/organzations to meet new people.
  3. I should have spent more time looking for apartments/duplexes to rent. The place I eventually found to live, and loved, was rented from a local landlord. This person had 4-5 properties that they managed. Since they had personal investment in the properties, they took care of the property and their tenants. This was way better than renting from a big apartment that had little personal investment in the property or the tenants. 
Life can be a little rough as you transition out of college into your first full-time job. Remember to build a support system, know that you'll get through the rough time, and take lots of pictures along the way. The pictures will be fun to look back on. 



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