Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thoughts on my old life

About two years ago now I was living in a house that I recently bought and working at a new job. I had received a promotion from work and left a great town in taking the promotion. I had a lot of reservations about the promotion and took it anyways. My feelings were right and I ended up having the worst year of my entire life.

It feels weird that it has been two years already. It was such a lonely and miserable time, and I can't believe I'm out of that terrible environment. I'm very happy where I'm at now, and sometimes I feel like my new life is a dream, and I'm going to wake up and be back in hell.

My views on life were radically changed in that one year and I'm going to give some insight on views that changed -

  • Talk to and reach out to your neighbors. No one ever came over to say "Hi" to me at my house and it was a terrible feeling. 
  • Don't be a jerk of a co-worker or boss. If you feel "big and important" by intimidating others at work, or by belittling others, you are a piece of crap. Find another outlet to make yourself feel important. 
  • Be a friend and listen to your friends. I had a friend who I would call every. single. day. He answered and took my calls every. single. day. I know he probably got tired of me complaining about work, but I had very little hope during that year, and he helped me out a lot. 
  • I've mentioned this before, and I'll mention it again - Don't get locked or anchored down into your place of work. Avoid contracts if you can. Flexibility gives you a choice and keeps YOU in control of YOUR life. Work doesn't own your life. Your job should be bending over backwards to keep YOU at work (as long as you're a good employee). 
These aren't all of my views that weren't changed, but it's a few important ones. I hope this can help someone avoid the hell I went through. If you're currently being a good friend to someone who is going through a tough time, and they don't say thanks, I'll say thank you for them. You should know how much they appreciate you. 



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