Thursday, October 20, 2016

Self-Driving Cars

I am so excited. Self-driving cars are on their way. Google has been working on them, and Tesla has too. With Tesla's update on self-driving cars, hopefully self-driving cars will be on the road before 2020. I am so looking forward to this because I do not like driving at all.

I see how selfish people are when they drive. I see how impatient people are when they drive. I see how careless people are when they drive. Self-driving cars will help all of these issues. It will also benefit the earth, with fewer carbon emissions since fewer cars will be on the road. As car-sharing and companies like UBER and Lyft continue to innovate, you'll be able to drive in a car that isn't yours, and pay a fee for using it. I hope and fully expect these fees to cost less than actually owning a car.

Google understands the coming change. Tesla understands the coming change. UBER understands the coming change. How long did Ford and General Motors have to figure out this coming change? They had a huge head start on the auto-industry, and now the technology industry is kicking their butts. It's a reminder to keep innovating, keep research and development up, and to keep thinking outside of the box. If you don't, another competitor is going to steal your business.



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