Saturday, October 8, 2016

Possible Social Media Break

I'm getting tired of Facebook again. Between politics, sports, and enagagement/wedding photos, I'm getting tired of looking at Facebook. I've gone on social media breaks in the past and I did enjoy them. There were times I felt out of the loop, but I believe it was beneficial.

Another thing that annoys me is never seeing any progress. People share their opinions, but I don't see actions coming from those thoughts/opinions. Just talking isn't going to change the world. My ongoing struggle is that I love Facebook Messenger, and it's my favorite messaging platform. Not logging into Facebook on my computer means I can't use Facebook Messenger on the computer.

I removed people from Snapchat earlier this year, and that is a decision I stand by. I've also unfollowed people on Facebook; another good decision. I don't know if I'll put myself on a schedule from not getting on Facebook, I might just log off and see how it goes. I normally would say I'd go a week or two weeks without it, but this time I might not put a limit on it.

Is anyone else thinking of going on a Facebook or social media break?



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