Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mall of America

The Mall of America will not be open on Thanksgiving day this year. This statement by the Mall of America shows leadership in my opinion. I was looking for an online article to share here about the mall closing on Thanksgiving, but I didn't find any sites I liked. The time of year where bloggers will be talking about anti-consumerism is coming up.

Last year, I stayed home on Black Friday and watched the Star Wars Episode VII trailer. I'll have to find something as fun to do this year. I've been trying to shift my mindset to not wanting to buy stuff around the holiday season. Yes, I agree, there are good deals around the holidays. BUT, I don't NEED to buy anything else. I pretty much have everything I need.

So, I'm pretty happy the Mall of America is making this statement and maybe in a few years this Black Friday crap will be over.



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