Saturday, October 1, 2016

Losing my Unlimited Data

It's been a great run having unlimited data, and soon I'll have to say goodbye. We've decided to switch to the shared data pool to lower our phone bill. I still think Verizon is the best network, but this change may lead me to eventually switch to Google Fi. I think Google Fi (Project Fi I guess - is awesome, and I haven't switched yet because I still had unlimited data on Verizon. 

Project Fi uses the T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks. I doubt they'll ever get AT&T or Verizon, since those two networks are so big. Recent commercials on TV from Sprint say they're just as good as Verizon (which I doubt), and the T-Mobile CEO has been pumping out some cool promotions, so maybe it's a good time to think about Project Fi. 

One of my good friends has Project Fi, and it's very straightforward. The billing/payments section is super straightforward, unlike Verizon, which is super confusing. 

So I'm saying goodbye to Verizon's unlimited data, and I'll see how I feel with limited data. If you have any tips on how to reduce data usage, let me know, because I've never really had to worry about it.



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